“Daniel Bravo of Architectural Dreams was so quick, precise and efficient that I was extremely pleased to work with him. I found him very knowledgeable about structural issues and codes, and adept at problem-solving for the best use of spaces and planning.”

Elizabeth McMillian, Ph.D,
Architectural Historian and Home-owner

“Daniel was a joy to collaborate with throughout the entire construction. He had a unique viewpoint to many different aspects of the project but was extremely willing to carefully “hear” my client requests and integrate them into his vision of the project. The result was the realization of my dream home through his able hands.”

Joshua Touber,
former owner Loma Vista

"Architectural Dreams was a pleasure to work with: adaptable to my schedule; dependable with the appointments; and easy to get in touch with during the entire process. In addition, Daniel, in particular, greatly streamlined my project by connecting us with qualified contacts such as a structural engineer and city permits expeditor. I would highly recommend his services."

Ken Kirshner
Pacific Palisades, California

"I liked Danny from the first time I met him because he impressed me with how he can morph into whatever situation arises. That is, depending on the client, the venue, the price range or the job description, Daniel becomes site specific and brings the appropriate intellectual tools to the table. I've never seen him explode or become insensitive, no matter how challenging the situation. I would recommend him for any job with complete assurance that the job would run smoothly."

Robert Harbour

"I never thought I would find myself taking the time to write a recommendation letter but I just felt I had to because I was so tremendously lucky to have Mr. Daniel Bravo and his company when designing and remodeling our club in Orlando. Daniel was thorough and honest when submitting his bid and although Architectural Dreams wasn’t the lowest bid submitted, I still saved money in the end because what they promised, they delivered. I never had to question Mr. Bravo’s integrity, which is rare today. I’m very happy to recommend Daniel and his team for any construction project."

Lyle Black
Lyle Black Club Management

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